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Welcome to The DoPJRP

Welcome to The DoPJRP

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    DoPJRP Official Core Values


    Since January 2017 all members of the Department of Public Justice have made significant and valued contribution to propelling us forward into the future. Our core values are; CourageInitiativeIntegrityProfessionalism, Accountability and Respect they are vital in the daily operations and interactions of our Members, Junior and Senior Leaders of our Community. 


    Core Value Definitions:

    • Courage: I am resilient and always act with integrity, moral and physical courage and encourage others to do the same. I am courageous in the Community and the public.
    • Initiative: I take action to improve myself continuously, my team and Community, not only on the In-Game but in all areas, all the time.
    • Integrity: Integrity is the display of truth, honesty and fairness that gains respect and trust from others.
    • Professionalism: I work with others to identify and achieve common purposes and objectives, Build inclusive partnerships and Deliver on Communities promises, and do it well
    • Accountability: I am accountable for my behaviour and actions in my team, community and the public.
    • Respect: I value differences. I always respect others through my actions and my words.



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