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Fire & Emergency Services Academy Overview

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The Fire and Rescue San Andreas Emergency Services Academy, commonly referred to as the San Andreas Fire and Emergency Services Academy, supports the education and training of our firefighters to be Prepared For Anything. 


Located in Zancudo at the Department of Public Safety Training and Education Centre in the State's mid-north coast, the Academy is a modern training facility with a state-of-the-art practical learning environment designed to ensure our first responders have the best knowledge and skills to help you in any emergency.


This world-class resource is shared with other emergency services agencies, both locally and globally, to ensure all first responders have access to life-saving hands-on, practical training across a wide range of areas including fire, rescue, natural disasters, hazardous material management, medical response, counter-terrorism and more.


Practical Learning Environment











Situated in one of the identified high-poppopulation-growth areas of San Andreas the Academy supports jobs and resources in the region. Located at the foothills of the Mount Chiliad National Park, it has served as a base for the deployment of multi-agency strike teams, particularly during the unprecedented 2019-2020 San Andreas bushfire season.


Fire Student's undergo education through a range of topics including Organsiation History, Fire Science, Preliminary HAZMAT, Technical Rescue and more! The Academy categores to all of our divisions including Field Operations and Strategic Capabilities! 


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