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Protective Service Officer's Program - Release (2021)

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Protective Service Officer Program



The objective of Protective Services Officers, abbreviated as PSOs, is to keep individuals and interests identified by the Government as being at risk safe from acts of terrorism, violent protest and issues motivated violence.


Protective Service Officers are posted to a range of locations including;


Los Santos International Airport (LSIA), San Andreas Government House, the Port of Los Santos. Sometimes these Officers are assigned to major transport hubs across the State including train and bus stations.


Protective Service Officers are trained to deter, detect and respond to criminal and national security threats. PSOs provide armed counter-terrorism first response at their sites. The Police Transport & Public Safety Command achieves this by assigning PSOs who perform a range of high visibility vehicle, foot and bike patrols and static protection



The Protective Service Officer Program is one the countless opportunities available to members of the San Andreas State Police. Since the conception of the Protective Service Officer program they have been a reliable resource in the deterance, prevention and response to Terrorism, Anti-Social Behaviour and other criminal offences at high traffic populations. Since late June 2020 Officers a majority of Officers have been certified in the M4A1 Carbine Rifle. 

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