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Announcement - Retired Members

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Announcement - 2020-01-30

Department of Public Justice Roleplay



After discussion and planning among the highest levels of Leadership for the Department of Public Justice Roleplay (DoPJRP) community we have decided that person(s) holding the designation of Retired DoPJRP Member or Retired DoPJRP Administrator will be temporarily approved under a new amendment proposed by the Department of Recruitment and Field Training.  


The return membership scheme of 2020 allows for the immediate return of these persons to positions of either Civilian Recruit, Recruit, or Policing Student. The scheme is in compatibility with the Dual Clan amendment of 2020. 


What it means:

This means a person who previously Retired from the Department of Public Justice under honorable standards will be allowed to participate in the scheme. The intention of this scheme is provide easy access to Retired persons to the community for re-enlistment into an agency; Civilian Operations Command, Operational Communications Centre, Fire & Rescue San Andreas, and San Andreas State Police


Persons returning under this scheme will have to complete all necessary and mandatory training outlined through the Department of Recruitment and Field Training.


How to pursue this scheme:

You are interested in pursuing this? That is amazing, we look forward to speaking with you. You will need to notify a Community Administrator on the DoPJRP Public Affairs and Media Relations discord, here, and let them know you are interested in returning under this scheme. 


Additional Comments/Remarks:

  • Retired Members and Administrators will only be eligible to this scheme for 24 hours from Friday (2020, January, 30th).


Any questions, queries, or doubtful points about this new scheme? Talk to us on our Public Relations Discord. 


Thank you,
Noah F. Director
OiC General Operations
Executive Board of Directors
Department of Public Justice
Email: NoahF@DoPJRP.com


Erving Q. Deputy Director
OiC DoPJRP Corporate Services
Executive Board of Directors
Department of Public Justice
Email: ErvingQ@DoPJRP.com

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