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  1. Announcement - 2019/07/01 Department of Public Justice Roleplay ______________________________________________________________ Upon discussion with the Department of Recruitment & Field Training (DoR&FT) and the San Andreas State Police (SASP) Administration Staff the community has decided that recruit applications for the San Andreas State Police will be opened at 2019/06/04 at 2400 hours Zulu standard time. Reminder; Applicants are reminded to provide thoughtful answers to the written and oral phase of the application. Applicants are reminded that failure to follow the steps detailed in the application will result instant denial Applicants are encouraged to ask our full-time members and leaders questions in regards to the application process, the department, and the community via our Public Affairs and Media Relations Discord or email address Recruitment@DoPJRP.com Keep updated on our Public Affairs and Media Relations Discord, here, we plan on publicly releasing some information.
  2. Announcement - 2019-06-22 Department of Public Justice Roleplay ______________________________________________________________ Approximately 2200 hours Zulu Sunday the 16th of June 2019 the Department of Recruitment and Field Training (DoR&FT) closed applications to the San Andreas State Police due to the recent influx of applications for positions in the San Andreas State Police. Applications are expected to open again sometime mid-July 2019. The Department of Recruitment & Field Training encourages members who are interested in positions regarding Public Safety to either apply for the San Andreas Fire Service (SAFS) or the Operational Communication Centre (OCC) otherwise their application will be instantly denied. This is because the San Andreas State Police has reached its maximum capacity for June 2019. Open Departments: Civilian Operations Command Operational Communications Centre San Andreas Fire Service The above departments are open and are accepting applicants to meet the age limit of sixteen (16) years or older. Any questions pass them along to either "Recruitment@DoPJRP.com" or our Official Public Affairs and Media Relations Discord here.
  3. Hi Parker, the discord invite is permanent last time I checked.
    Amazing! We definitely need to find a spot for the County Sheriff's Department
  4. Department of Recruitment & Field Training Media Statement Release The Department of Public Justice Roleplay [DoPJRP] Community is proud to release information to those looking for a Professional Roleplaying Community career based in Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Communications and Civilian Operations. The new stages for the DoPJRP are to adapt and modernize ourselves into a Connectable Community with Support Services and Recruitment. Over recent months Members of Media Relations Team Executive Branch have been in communications with Department Executives and Management to discuss a plan to bring forth to the Board of Directors new and improved Advertising techniques to attract new Members. The new techniques consist of regular uploading which will be expected from our Main Youtube channel and certified Members in the next few Months as well as Advertisement on the Discord platform creating us a Service of easy contact and relations between the Public and Members. I will now talk about the different Opportunites with will offer both Members and Non-Members. Discord Moderation and Administration positions. The Department of Public Justice will be looking for long time viewers and dedicated members to take the role of ensuring the discord is in the best possible shape it can be. The Team will be directed by Senior Administration Staff Member Matthew G. Control 101. Direct Discord Invite link. https://discord.gg/xNeuvjA
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