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  1. Protective Service Officers (PSO's) assigned to regional operations in Southern San Andreas.
  2. Can you see the bigger picture? Seasoned Troopers within the San Andreas State Police have the opportunity to become Criminal Investigators, commonly called Detectives, within the State Crime Command (SCC). The SCC delivers professional policing services to the community of San Andreas through disrupting, preventing and responding to serious and organised crime.
  3. [Fictional] [In-Game] A teenager is in a critical condition after a single-vehicle trail bike crash at Grapeseed on Saturday the 23rd of January 2021. Just before 1820 hours Zulu standard (Saturday the 23rd of January 2021), emergency services were called to private property of Niland Ave, Grapeseed, following reports a trail bike had crashed. Troopers attached to Paleto Bay Police Area Command and San Andreas Ambulance paramedics attended. Police were told a group of teenagers were enjoying the afternoon riding motorbikes when the rider, a 16-year-old
  4. Holiday Message from the DoPJRP Executive Leadership Team To all Members of the Department of Public Justice Team: Potential Applicants, Integration Phase Applicants, Members and Administrators. With the Christmas Stand-Down and many of us preparing for a well-earned break, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment, dedication and support to the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community throughout 2020. It has been a tremendous year with obstacles that we all had to overcome from daily life issues, to a global pandemic and constant chang
  5. The Stolen Motor Vehicle Hot List commonly referred to as the Hot List. South West Metropolitan Region Enforcement Squad Troopers cutting names on the hotlist.
  6. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Troopers "Posing" for another sunset photo!
  7. Troopers from Paleto Bay's Proactive Crime Team (PCT) educating a rider on the use of a helmet.
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