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  1. Because the DoPJRP Administration Staff in invoking a new Media Policy affecting images posted to the DoPJRP Instagram Account, FiveM Forum Page, and Facebook Page; I have decided to write up this post to tell you exactly what we are looking for in screenshots we want to share and general tips for producing high-quality screenshots.


    The Do's:

    • Cropping your photos to hide UI Elements or unwanted characters is perfectly acceptable
    • Prost-Processing (Photoshop or Lightroom) is a great process to improving your photos.
      • Adjusting Saturation, Exposure, ect., can make a photo pop
      • Using Photoshop's "Content Aware Fill" is a great way to remove unwanted elements from your photos. Just select the element in question and press CTRL+F5.
    • Having a Texture Quality of High or Higher will help the image look more high quality, even at 780p.
    • Using the Rockstar Editor (Record a 5 second clip in the F1 Menu) to produce screenshots is a great method as you can apply filters, camera effects, depth of field (if enabled in settings), and even some color correction filters right there and export it as a JPEG.
      • Files exported from the Rockstar Editor can be found at "C:\Users\[Your Account]\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA V\"
    • Using "/dslrcam" or "/pcam" to take photos can yield great results and could even match the quality the Rockstar Editor outputs.

    The Don'ts:

    • Use Steam's screenshot system (F12)
      • Unless you like spending 30 minutes finding the temporary folder steam stores it in which changes each time you launch the game.
    • Don't include UI Elements
      • Such as the Minimap, FiveM Watermark, Nearest Postal, PLD, the clock, etc.
    • Don't use "Low" graphic settings
      • If your PC Struggles to run FiveM in anything higher than "Low" then record a clip with the Rockstar Editor, use a program like the GeForce Experience to adjust your graphic settings, then open the Rockstar Editor to edit and export the image. (Don't forget to change your graphic settings back after you're done)


    Good Photos:


    Screenshot (1517)


    Screenshot (1419)






    Bad Photos:



    • UI Visible



    • UI Visible
    • Chat Visible



    • Over-Cropped (Makes the image smaller which means it has a lower resolution)



    • Chat Visible
    • UI Visible
    • Focus on Background not the Subject



    • UI Visible
    • Radar Visible
    • Uses Default Camera


  2. Step 1: Open up Steam on your PC



    Step 2: Under your name click "PROFILE"



    Step 3: Look for the URL in Green and copy it. It should look like "https://steamcommunity.com/id/[STEAMID64]/" Once you find it, select it and copy it into your clipboard.




    Step 4: Go to http://vacbanned.com/engine/check and put your Steam Profile Link into the search bar at the top right of the page and hit ENTER on your keyboard or click the search icon.



    Step 5: On the results page, look for "Steam 3 ID (64 bit)" and next to it on the right you'll see two Steam IDs one labeled "Dec" and one labeled "Hex". The one you need for FiveM and the Website is labeled "Hex". Select it and copy it to your clipboard.



    You may now send your SteamID 64 (Hex) to your COC. Continue reading below to learn how to add it to your DoPJRP Website Profile.


    Step 6: Go to your profile on the website by clicking on your profile picture on the top right of the page or by clicking on your name and selecting "Profile" in the drop down menu.



    Step 7: On your Profile Page select "Edit Profile" to bring up the Profile Editor.



    Step 8: Once in the Profile Editor scroll down past the Description to "SteamID 64 (Hex)"



    Step 9: Add "steam:" to the text box then paste the SteamID 64 (Hex) you obtained previously.



    Step 10: Once done, scroll down and click "Submit" to save your changes.



    And that's all there is to it. With the SteamID 64 (Hex) on your profile, you will be whitelisted faster than anyone else who has yet to add their SteamID 64 (Hex).

  3. Staff Members like FTO, Support Staff, Directors, etc., have emails with the DoPJRP domain (name@dopjrp.com) through a third party service called Zoho. To get started follow the steps below. 


    Step 1: Anywhere on the DoPJRP Site, click on your name/profile picture to open the User Drop Down Menu.



    Step 2: Click on "DoPJRP Email Portal" to access the web portal. Note: Link will open in a new tab.



    Step 2: Login using the Email and Password you were provided. (Contact Support@dopjrp.com if there's any issues)

    Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 11.31.04 PM.png


    Step 3: You're done. You can now view emails as you normally would with services like Gmail and Yahoo. Optionally you can download the Zoho App to your Computer or Mobile Device. (Integration with Apple Mail, Gmail, or any-other mail service that isn't by Zoho is not supported)



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