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Welcome to The DoPJRP

Welcome to The DoPJRP

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  • Mission Statement

    The San Andreas Fire Service job is to improve and safeguard the quality of life. They protect the citizens and State parks from emergencies situations through education, fire prevention code enforcement, and emergency disaster planning. The Fire Department deals with 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls on a daily basis while accepting responsibility and ensuring that the State is under protection for Emergency Medical Services and Fire Services. While in accordance with State Penal Codes and Regulations the Fire Service uses education in an attempt to help citizens of San Andreas by given valid knowledge. The Department recognizes the individuality of everyone who works for the Service, we see it important to treat one another with respect and kindness and a sense of the importance of teamwork.



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  • San Andreas Fire Service Job

    The San Andreas Fire Service is to provide rapid emergency response systems and teams to the state of San Andreas with better safeguard systems. The Department's vision is to have the most successful and effective Department in all of the County. This comes at a time for lifesaving comes down to the amount of response time that is why San Andreas believes in producing some of the most time Elite training.

  • Why Join The San Andreas Fire Service

    Why join the San Andreas Fire Service? well unlike the most roles in Communities across the Network, we can say with pride that the San Andreas Fire Service can provide relevantly and consist training scenarios based on real-life Departments! These training scenarios can be used during patrols on the regulator basis with a dedicated Fire Department development team. When in the Fire Department unlike many other we try to provide regular training seminars from qualified FireFighters and Emergency Medical Technicians. 

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  • Command Staff

    Fire Chief - Vacant S. F-101

    Deputy Fire Chief - Vacant S. F-102

    Battalion Chief- Vacant S. F-103

    Battalion Chief- Vacant S. F-104

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