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Welcome to The DoPJRP

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  • What is General Duties

    My time as a Probationary Trooper

    During the thirty days as a Probationary Trooper in general duties policing you will be working with experienced

    Troopers who will assist you in applying everything you've learnt at the San Andreas Law Enforcement Academy

    and Public Safety Centre SA. to real life policing situations. These Troopers also work with the 

    Education Development Officers (EDOs) to assist all Probationary Troopers with aspects of their work, studies and


    Probationary Troopers engaged in general duties (GD) policing you can expect to be exposed to a wide range of calls for service and

    jobs including; 


    • Serious Assaults. 


    • Domestic Issues.


    • Armed Robberies.


    • Deceased persons.


    • Theft/Stealing Offences.


    • Probationary Troopers will be involved with many other incidents! 


    As a Probationary Trooper, you will be partnered with a Field Training and Assessment Officer (FTAO) for the first couple of months. 

    The FTAO will be your 'shadow and will guide and assist you through everyday jobs and follow-up jobs. An FTAO has undertaken a

    specific training course and is well aware of the study requirements of a Probationary Trooper and will assist that Member in




    Being a member of a Police Area Command (PAC)you will be apart of a team comprising

    of many different roles, ranks, and positions. A Police Area Command is under the control

    of a Police Area Commander, who holds the rank of Superintendent. The PAC is supported by

    Duty Officers (Inspectors) who manage the Detachment issues and Team Leaders Sergeants

    who form the mobile supervisory patrols. 



    In addition, there are Support Roles who assist members of general duties with members from Traffic Highway Patrol Command, Bicycle Squad, State Crimes Command and the State Protection Group and Counter Terrorism Command, etc. However potential applicants are encouraged to join and complete the Field Training Program (FTP) - (30 Days) to pursue a career in specific Support Roles. 


    Note: New recruits are required to complete a thirty day (30)s Probationary along with one week General Duties prior to applying for a transfer to another location or specialist role. 

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