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Welcome to The DoPJRP

Welcome to The DoPJRP

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     Courage, Initiative, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability

  • Mission Statement


    The San Andreas State Police Mission's statement is to serve the San Andreas community and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society.  The San Andreas State Police achieves this by: 

    • Preventing Offences.
    • Preserving the peace.
    • Maintaining social order.
    • Protecting life and property.
    • Helping those in need of assistance.
    • Monitoring and promoting road safety.
    • Detecting and apprehending offenders.
    • Interacting with a diverse Communities. 
    • Performing and coordinating emergency and rescue operations.


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    Command Staff

    Comissioner - Vacant. 1E-101

    Deputy Commissioner - 1E-102
    Senior Assistant Deputy Commissioner - Vacant. 1E-103

    Assistant Deputy Commissioner - Vacant. 1E-104




  • The Vision


     The San Andreas State Police strives to provide a crime-free and safe environment through strategic policing, integrity, respect and strong community partnerships. 


  • The San Andreas State Police Department has a High Expectation of Officers during and not during shifts. This can be expressed as Officers while on (‘Fictional’) social Media accounts. We have an Expectation that Officers of the San Andreas State Police [SASP] have a certain amount of Qualities and Traits at all times as well as Values.

    The San Andreas State Police Expects that all Officers maintain an Ironed Uniform, This is representing you, The Department and District wear with pride and honor!

    The San Andreas State Police Expect that Officers will Lead from Example, Show Probity in all situations, (Doing the Right thing when No one else is around / watching.) This means that Members who do not show the Qualities Addressed below will be liable for Administrative & Interdepartmental Punishment as a possible Community Punishment.

    While on Duty

    • Respect to others with sensitivity and Interpersonal Skills. 
    • Remain mature with a consistently.
    • Make clear decisions with clear Judgement. 
    • Remain Integrity and Personal Ethics.
    • Respect and Understand the Chain of Command. (CoC)
    • Work Efficiently by self and within Team Situations.
    • Set and Achieve Personal Goals. (Always Improve)
    • Fluently Speak and Write using the English Language. 

    While off Duty

    • Represent the San Andreas State Police with Pride, Professionalism, and Maturity. 
    • Dedicated Majority of your Game-Time to the Department. 
    • Follow Instructions and Respect your Superiors.  
    • Remain neutral on Community. (During Roleplay, you still are the same Character.)
    • Recognize and Obey Community Rules and Regulations. Understanding the Administration may impose Impose Disciplinary Actions or InterDepartmental Disciplinary Actions.
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