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Welcome to The DoPJRP

Welcome to The DoPJRP

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    Traffic and Highway Patrol Command


    The San Andreas State Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command leads the county with initiates with Public Safety regarding safety in Highway and Traffic. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command was made to combat dangerous driving on San Andreas Roads by combining Local, County and State efforts to provide the best budge and training.



    The Command is lead by the San Andreas State Police East and West Area Command.  The Command deals with the following scenes.

    • Crash Investigation.

    • Crash Reconstruction Unit.

    • Assisting in Traffic Control.

    • High profile Traffic Operations.

    • Motorbike Control.

    • High visibility policing on Public roads.

    • Minimise road trauma.

    Traffic and Highway Patrol is always looking for different techniques to combat emerging crime trends on the road. The Traffic and Highway Patrol has a large focus on inappropriate road users who wish to endanger the lives of other road users while conducting reckless stunts to impress others.  

    The San Andreas State Police allows for this to be a state lead invitivates to bring down Road trauma.




    Aviation Support Regiment



    The Aviation Support Regiment provides airborne support to the San Andreas State Police.

    Today the Aviation Support Regiment has  10 Polair aircraft - 8 helicopters and 2 fixed wing. The aircraft is fitted with a mixture of hi-tech thermal imaging equipment, onboard computers, real-time video feeds to ground stations, searchlights and rescue winches, Recently added to the State Police is the ability is being able to track offenders to give accurate locations on offenders to Officers on the ground.

    The Aviation Support Regiment provides a range of services including targeting serious, major and organized crime and counter-terrorism matters, crime operations, search and rescue, emergencies and the investigation of aviation fatalities across San Andreas.

    To be employed at the Aviation Support Regiment you have to be a true-all-rounder, possessing a high level of fitness and an ability to learn and utilize state of the art technology, combined with a high level of enthusiasm and your skills as an experienced Law Enforcement Officer.





    Marine Regulation Enforcement Team


    The San Andreas State Police Marine Regulation Enforcement Team is the Support Roles assisting in keeping the Waterways of San Andreas clean and safe.


    The Marine Regulation Enforcement Team conducts the following tasks in a 4 Nautical mile.

    • Prevention of Risky Behaviour

    • Maritime Investigation situations involving water activities.

    • Search and Rescue within Water systems.

    • Diving operations.

    Marine Regulation Enforcement Team is always looking for different techniques to combat emerging crime trends on the water. The Marine Regulation Enforcement Team aims to stop inappropriate behaviour while on the many waterways.

    The San Andreas State Police provides an aim to Maritime forces to prevent system.




    State Protection Group & Counter Terrorism Command




    Police Dog Service


    San Andreas State Police is the largest Law Enforcement Agencies in all of San Andreas operating with over 240, 000 sworn Officers and additional Support personnel. Operating all over San Andreas the State Police are required to have state of the art addition equipment to be able to combat Crimes across the state. One of the speciality roles provided is the Police Dog Service which is under the State Protection Group and Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command The units employs a wide range of bread of dogs to assist in the role.



    Tasks undertaken by Police Dog Services


    The following tasks are under by Members of the Police Dog Service for the San Andreas State Police


    • Drug Detection

    • General Purpose or general patrol (including tactical police dogs)

    • Firearm and Explosive Detection

    • Cadaver Detection

    • Search and Rescue

    The State Troopers who have the privilege of working with the Police Dog Service always comment on the training process with their partners. The reasons the State Police is commencing more operations involving dogs is due to the excellent sense of smell and degree of trainability, this helps the State Police in combating crime across San Andreas.

    The Unit employs both male and female officers. Prospective recruits must undertake Application, Tests, and on-the-job training. You also must have 2 months active service within the DoPJRP State Police.


    Strategic Response Unit


    The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is a dedicated team of individuals who assist Local, and County and Federal Law Enforcement with fulfilling the duties of their office. Members of the Strategic Response Unit assist on the following callouts // Investigations.

    • Negotiations


    • High-risk callouts

    • Active Shooter callouts

    • Armed Robberies

    • And other situations involving dangerous outcomes.


    The Members of these elite teams aim for a peaceful resolution in every circumstance for Civilian, Unknown Subject, Officers and themselfs. Members of these teams conduct regular training to ensure they are ready for any scenario.


    State Crime Commands




    General Investigation Service



    The General Investigation Service are based at Police Area Commands located around San Andreas. The General Investigation Services (GIS) Investigates crimes;


    • Firearm Deaths

    • Firearm Injuries

    • Sexual Assaults

    • Sexual Assaults Complaints

    • General Robberies

    • Murders Investigations

    • Cold case Homicide Investigations

    • Officer Involved Shootings

    • Arson Deaths


    The General Investigation Services deal with basic Criminal Offenses around San Andreas. The Detectives in this unit assist local law enforcement agencies in Investigations.  The State Crimes Command (SCC) are plainclothes members with the rank of (Insert Patrol rank) Detective.


    Integrated Special Operations

    The Integrated Special Operations are based at Police Area Commands located around San Andreas. The  Integrated Special Operations (ISO) Investigates crimes;

    • High profile Criminal Murders

    • High profile Criminal Organizations

    • Dealing with Criminal Gangs.

    • Intelligence gathering.

    • Sting Operations; Bait Car.

    • High profile escapees


    The Integrated Special Operations investigate serious criminal acted conducted around the State of San Andreas. The Integrated Special Operations Command deals with Operations that deal in Special Circumstances.



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